Family Travel Tips & Ideas

Travel Tips for Traveling with Kids

  1. Start budgeting for your family vacation in advance. This can be a fun project for the whole family to get involved. Brainstorm about creative ways to save, perhaps having garage sale, cut down on the hot chocolates; lattes and eating eat as it is amazing how the amounts add up.
  2. Plan in advance as a big cost saver is accumulating points on your credit card and using this to pay for your flights. Also booking early you could get accommodation you want, at lower rates, and if taking the trains, rail passes are cheaper when booked in advance.
  3. Travel off- season when traveling with kids as prices are way better and places less crowded.
  4. When starting to plan family travel, think about a slower pace if you are traveling with kids, kid- friendly destination, and also make sure that you get some input from them about what interests them. This can go a long way as a bored, tired child is no fun on a family vacation. Pace yourself when traveling with kids, as there is a lot of fun and adventure to be had.
  5. Make sure your passports are valid; Check with your travel agent, most countries require a six-month validity after entry. Check to see what visas you will need, travel requirements for the country of travel including vaccinations.
  6. A definite must is to take travel insurance; you may have medical coverage through work. If not annual medical travel insurance, usually saves you money.
  7. Be sure to discuss your family’s interests, budgets with your travel advisor as you do not want to get any surprises, when it is too late to change your itinerary.
  8. Start a project in advance if you have little kids, giving them tasks to do, learning a few words of the local country. If you have older kids, starting a journal is a great way to remember fun facts. Discuss your trip with them as some kids do not like to be surprised.
  9. Prepare for your trip well, if going on a long flight, be sure to take plenty of snacks, games, activities, music, change of clothing. Take a supply of snacks for the flight as well.
  10. Family travel can be educational as well, learn about local traditions and culture of the country you are about to travel to.  This way your kids know what to expect..
  11. Pack light, but be sure to include a light weight wind breaker and a fleece. Include small things that you kids can entertain themselves on a longer car or train ride.
  12. When possible try local modes of transportation to get a feel for locals, nothing more fun for kids than a rickshaw, camel or elephant ride.
  13. Some roads can be bumpy so be sure to have something to give kids for a queasy tummy.
  14. When traveling with kids, a great idea would be to learn a couple of basic phrases like, “thank you”, “hello”, “where can I find”, this will be appreciated to by the locals.
  15. During your family vacations to third world countries; find a school to donate money to instead of giving coins to children begging.
  16. Only drink bottled water that is sealed.
  17. Speak to others that have traveled with kids to get their family travel tips.

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“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines, sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.”

– Mark Twain