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Anne Koke’s Family Adventure Travel with Custom Travel Adventures

May 17th, 2016

Peta has been a great travel advisor for me. This is the third trip I have done through her and I will do a more. Peta has her contacts in the areas that I travel and puts together a trip very specific to my goals.

My family adventure travel with Custom Travel Adventures have taken me to Egypt with kids seeing the Pyramids, a family holiday in Africa, seeing Gorillas in Rwanda, travel in Tanzania to hike up Kilimanjaro ,we also did a safari in Tanzania to see the most amazing wildlife and culture,travel to Ecuador, cruising the Galapagos Islands, visiting indigenous people deep in the jungle and bird watching in Southern Ecuador.

The highlight for this last trip was the remoteness of one of the areas I visited. But I wouldn’t have been able to see and take full advantage of the area without great guides I had. The three legs of my journey had different guides for each area which made for very knowledge guides in those areas.

Mt Kilimanjaro Silverbacks Tanzania 2 Tanzania