India Custom Travel Adventures

There is not place on earth like India. Travel to India will awaken your sense of taste and colour as you explore the vast and diverse country. See the Taj Mahal, the most romantic building in the world, in Agra. Be blown away by the pink hues of the buildings in Jaipur and the deserts of Rajasthan. Visit the back waters of Kerala by house boat, exploring villages and meeting locals along the way. Visit the interior seeing spice farms and tea plantations. Visit one of the 27 reserves run by Project Tiger in Periyar, that are dedicated to preserving and revitalizing India’s wild tiger population. Experience the mysticism of Varansi as you take a sunrise boat along the Ganges. And, wherever you go, there is the food, Indian cuisine is a feast for your palate, both in the North and South.

Family Adventures in India:

  • Explore the Pink City of Jaipur by rickshaw.
  • Boat at sunrise on the River Ganges in Varanasi, encountering  ancient rituals, Ghats and candle flower ceremonies.
  • Travel by houseboat to explore remote villages along Kerala backwaters.
  • Feast on delicious flavours of Indian cooking.
  • Enjoy sunset through the fishing nets of Kochi while, relaxing on white sandy beaches.
  • Inhale the smell of spices at the spice farms and tea at the tea plantations.
  • Be astounded by the colours of the romantic Taj Mahal at sunrise and sunset.

Thailand Custom Travel Adventures

Want an amazing family vacation? Thailand is known for its stunning beaches, floating markets, and dense jungles. Wonderful photo opportunities abound everywhere in this beautiful land. There is so much that your family will want to see and do. Travel to Thailand should include a visit to the interesting Hill Tribes in the North. Go shopping at the night market in Chiang Mai to get produce for your cooking class. Hike into the jungle to see the elephant sanctuary and then take bamboo rafts down the river.

Family adventures in Thailand:

  • Take a longboat tour in Bangkok.
  • Hike into the jungle and meet the hill tribes in the North.
  • Go back in history and visit the bridge over the River Kwai.
  • Do a family cooking class in Chiang Mai.
  • Visit the interesting night market in Chiang Mai.
  • Laze on the gorgeous beaches on one of the many Thai islands.

Vietnam Custom Travel Adventures

Families will fall in love with Vietnam with its astounding beauty, amazing ancient culture, and its exotic local cuisine.  Travel to Vietnam should include a cruise along the gorgeous Halong Bay, taking in scenery that will amaze you. Wander through the historic quarters of Hanoi by foot or by bike. Set off by boat  to see the wonderful floating markets of the Mekong Delta. While you’re there, meet with friendly local families who call the Delta home.

Add to your Southeast Asian family adventure by including Laos and Cambodia in your travel plans.

Family adventures in Vietnam:

  • Be sure not to miss the kid-friendly water puppet show and dinner in Hanoi.
  • Explore the mystery of Sung Sot Cave(the cave of Surprise) during your cruise in Halong Bay.
  • Take a scenic trip to the Mekong Delta, meeting the warm and friendly people along the way.
  • Visit the colourful Cairang floating market, the largest floating market in South East Asia.
  • Enjoy your visit with a local family, picking vegetables from their garden and help make lunch with your host.
  • Take a dragon boat on the picturesque Perfume River.
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